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TheraBox Review

Hey there! I've been subscribed to www.mytherabox.com for a few months now and I wanted to write a review for you all! I really enjoy this subscription box and the products it provides.

***This post will contain affiliate links, which means I make a commission when you buy from them. But, I only promote products I genuinely like, so, every time you purchase, you're getting something awesome and I can afford to keep this blog going - double win!

As a whole, I really like the TheraBox company's mission. Their subscription boxes are therapist-curated and full of self-care goodies so you can live your best life! Their tagline is "ingredients to happiness," which I ADORE, especially because I am filled with joy every time a new box arrives. If you'd like to purchase a box of your own, you can do so on Cratejoy! (***affiliate link)

This past month, as spring began to bloom, TheraBox released their Blossom box. It contained over $180 worth of products inside! Each box comes with a pamphlet as well that lists and explains each product, their price, and sometimes a coupon code for that particular company. It even has an entire page dedicated to their monthly "happiness boosting activity" - my usual favorite part of the boxes.

Here's a list of the products in the Blossom box as well as my thoughts on each one!

1) Skin & Co - Truffle Therapy Whipped Cleansing Cream

OMG! This product was amazing! Not only was it so soft and creamy, but it took my makeup off in seconds. This is definitely one of my all time favorite TheraBox products.

2) Spongelle - Multi-Use Body Wash Infused Buffer

This product is basically a sponge and body wash combined, which I think is a really cool idea. It definitely made my skin softer too.

3) Midflower - Rosa Damascena Biocellulose Peel Mask

This mask was interesting, to say the least. I could only convince myself to keep it on for 45 of the recommended 60 minutes but my skin did feel very smooth afterwards. Plus, it wasn't drenched and dripping in liquid like most sheet masks are.

4) Skin Chemists - Hair Treatment Mask

I actually didn't use this product, but my sister did! She really liked it and said that it helped her hair a lot.

5) Organic & Botanic - Day Moisturizer

This smells amazing! The coconut scent really comes through and I found that it hydrated my skin well. It did leave my face feeling a little sticky, though.

6) NCLA Beauty - NCLAxTheraBox Nail Wraps

I haven't actually tried the nail wraps out yet. My nails are recovering from acrylics and are still a bit weak, but I'm excited to try them soon!

7) Fox Corporation - I'm In Love Rose Blossom Hand Cream

I'm "in love" with this cream! I love all things rose scented to begin with, so this cream was a great product for me. I also found that it was really moisturizing.

8) A Question A Day Cards

I enjoyed flipping through these cards. I didn't actually do one a day for the month or journal my answers (as recommended), but I did think they were thought-provoking. I even discussed some of the questions with my friends.

I really enjoyed this month's box and I can't wait for the next one! Again, if you'd like to purchase a subscription box of your own, check out Cratejoy! (***affiliate link)




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