• Seana Montalbano

The Girlfriend Collective

It's time to spotlight another brand! This time I'm going to be talking about the Girlfriend Collective. Let's dive in!

***This post will contain affiliate links, which means I make a commission when you buy from them. But, I only promote products I genuinely like, so, every time you purchase, you're getting something awesome and I can afford to keep this blog going - double win!

The Girlfriend Collective is an eco-friendly and sustainable activewear company, which is what drew me into finding out more about them! Their packaging and clothes are made of a majority of recycled materials and their "About Us" page even goes into full detail about how this process works! I absolutely love the transparency of this brand.

They sell leggings, shorts, skorts, tops, and bras all for the same price as competitors. But, when this brand is doing so much to help the earth, why not buy theirs? Another thing I love about the Girlfriend Collective is their models. Their website features such a diverse group of models, varying in body shape and size as well as skin color and age. It really makes me appreciate the thought that went into making that decision and creates so much more respect for the brand from me.

If you are also falling in love with the Girlfriend Collective be sure to check out the links below! (***affiliate links)




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