• Seana Montalbano

The best way to turn quarantine into a "staycation" for free!

Ugh, quarantine, am I right? But never fear! I'm going to tell you how to turn social distancing into the ultimate "staycation" - and it's all going to be done with things you already own!

What you'll need.

A couple of chairs, some sheets or blankets, and lots of pillows. That's right people, we're making a pillow fort! I'm so excited to take you along with this project with me, let's get started. Bonus points if you have a confused kitten, like me.

How to start.

I organized the chairs a few feet apart and added a couple tripods to help prop the blankets up. If you don't have a comfy rug to do this on, consider adding a couple blankets to the floor first. I then added a fitted sheet over the top. I found that a sheet worked better than blankets as the base since it's larger and the fitted-ness really clung to the chairs. I then added some more blankets to cover the back and a pink one for the top - because, aesthetic.

What to do next.

Now it's time for the pillows! Add some comfy ones into the center and some smaller ones to cover up the legs of the chairs. I added a blanket and some stuffed animals on the inside to. It was also at this point that I realized I didn't need the second tripod to hold the fort up, so I got rid of that and was so happy with how it looked! (It was indeed kitten approved too!)

How to make it cute.

I clipped some fake vines I had laying around to the front of the fort to add something extra. Then, I couldn't find my fairy lights so I added a lamp to the back to give the fort some light. And now it was time to take some cute pictures!

I hope you all had fun making your pillow forts at home. I thought that this would be a great way to add to a quarantined day. Pillow forts are super nice to curl up with a good book or movie within. So, make a cup of tea and get lounging! And, be sure to subscribe below for more fun ideas to help you get through quarantine!




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