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The Best Kids' Summer Subscription

Summer parenting can be rough especially with kids already antsy from being home so long in quarantine. But here's one way to help kids have a fun summer while they continue to grow and learn!

***This post will contain affiliate links, which means I make a commission when you buy from them. But, I only promote products I genuinely like, so, every time you purchase, you're getting something awesome and I can afford to keep this blog going - double win!

Recently, I found out about Cratejoy's summer camp subscription box (affiliate link). So, yes this is a brand post BUT I am so excited about this one and really am considering purchasing for my little cousins.

Whether your state isn't opening summer camps or you don't want to risk sending your kids, this subscription bundle is such a fantastic way to help kids learn while they have fun this summer. It's targeted for kids aged 6-12 and includes five days worth of activity kits, over a $250 value! Plus, buying the bundle gets you access to 5 expert-led classes each afternoon, June 22-26. These kits and classes are sure to keep the kiddos entertained while building their skills.

The activity kits are based on science, arts, technology, and more! And helping your kids, cousins, or whoever complete them will definitely be a lot of fun. I personally think it's a great way to tear kids away from the TV while we are all still quarantining or, at least, limiting our time in public spaces.

I've taught at several summer camps and can tell you that kits like these are AMAZING! They give you all the materials you need so there no last-minute hassle when you realize you forget to get something. And several kits have multiple projects within them so you really do get your money's worth! Be sure to check out the Cratejoy summer camp yourself for more information (affiliate link)!

It's a fantastic way to kick off summer!




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