• Seana Montalbano

Spain Lookbook

Here's another lookbook for ya! This one's from when I went with my family to Barcelona and Madrid, Spain.

In Barcelona, we stayed in a small apartment within a little city neighborhood. There were little coffee and pastry shops scattered down the streets and I really felt immersed in the Spanish culture. There we visited two cathedrals.

Also in Barcelona, we saw the famous Parc Guell. It was filled with such beautiful works of art.

We also spent a day at Montjuïc Castle, which is where I took the first photo on this post as well as these...

And, of course, we went to the beach too.

Then we took the train to Madrid!

In Madrid, we visited the Palacio Real de Madrid as well as a couple of museums.

We also went to this beautiful botanical garden. And my sister and I took a ton of photos there! (Some of which are on my Instagram)

All in all, it was another amazing trip. I hope you all enjoyed looking through the photos as much as I enjoyed reminiscing about them!




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