• Seana Montalbano

Painting Day

Hey guys! I know we're all looking for new ways to spice up quarantine, and one way I've been doing that is to pick up some old hobbies. I used to paint often and have a ton of the supplies left so I figured, why not? I ordered some canvases online and then I was all set!

I like looking at Pinterest for ideas of what to paint because I tend to find the best DIYs on there. The design pictured below is one I found while looking at sorority themed paintings. But, I changed the wording a bit so it didn't affiliate with any particular organization.

You can find the original post here.

And down here is how I went about recreating the painting!

I first marked up the canvas with pencil to get the "groovy" lines for the background. I also added little color cues for myself just to make sure I wouldn't mess the pattern up!

After this, I went in and painted all the lines the right colors. Then, I let it dry before writing out the letters in pencil. The letters took some time because I wanted to make sure I got them just right.

Next, I painted the letters white and added some stars to the background. After it was dry, I realized it still looked a little messy, so I went in and outlined the white with a silver metallic marker.

I used to use sharpies to outline aspects of my paintings all the time in art class - don't be afraid to do it too! Here's the final painting:

I had so much fun reconnecting with this old hobby of mine and I hope you'll enjoy it too! Make sure to message me on Instagram with any pictures of what you come up with!




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