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Make Dinner With Me!

This past Wednesday it was my turn to cook family dinner. And because it was my first time cooking dinner since I've been home from college, I wanted to cook something special. When I was about nine years old, I started going to a cooking camp for a few years. At camp, we would prepare breakfast, cook each other lunch, and bring our parents home dinner. All done in a professional kitchen with an expert chef! I bring this up because my signature dish from camp was always eggplant rollatini. So, naturally, it's a sentimental dish for me. For this reason, I chose to cook it for my night's dinner.

And while I'm sure my recipe from camp is around the house somewhere, I found a new recipe to use online. I. also decided to pair the dish with a side of roasted potatoes. Here are the links to the recipes I followed:



And below are pictures and a video of me cooking step-by-step!

I first cut up the potatoes. This step isn't really necessary since they're small to begin with, but I like the taste of them chopped better. I then tossed them in the seasoning and laid them out to cook.

While the potatoes were cooking, I started on the rollatini. I first peeled and thinly sliced the eggplant. I added salt to the slices and set them aside while I combined the filling.

Next, I beat the eggs together in one shallow bowl and combined the ingredients for the coating in another. I dipped the eggplant slices into each and then started frying them on the stove, since I don't own an electric skillet.

After this, I followed the recipe to get them ready to bake. Here's the rollatini filled, rolled, and ready for the oven. There's a picture of my sous-chef too! (He's waiting for some more fallen potatoes).

Here's pictures of the final products. They were so yummy and my family loved them!

As mentioned above, here's a sped up video of me cooking!

I hope you feel inspired to try these recipes or to cook something different for your family!




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