• Seana Montalbano

How to Stay Sane in Quarantine

Quarantine's the word on everyone's lips right now. I know we're all struggling with it. It's challenging to adapt to this new normal, where our lives are confined and restraining. Everyone always says to "get out there!" or to "grab life and really live!", but how are we meant to do that while stuck between the walls of our homes? It's a difficult question to answer. But, there's hope! I'm here to give you all some tips that help keep me sane during quarantine, and to tell you how I add some fun in here or there.

1) Wake up refreshed!

It's hard to resist the temptations of social media on normal nights. But without that looming train to catch or hour in traffic, it's even harder to resist endless scrolling through social media or clicking "next episode" on Netflix. And there's no shame in this! Social networks help keep us all connected during this strange time, and that connection is SO important. However, staying up until the crack of dawn and turning your eyes red is not ideal for anyone. Trying to go to bed at a regular time and keeping a somewhat ordinary sleep schedule can really help during quarantine. Waking up energized is key to starting your day at home and having the motivation to get out of bed.

2) Eat healthy!

I, for one, can definitely relate to quarantine snacking! That being said, though, I do try to stick to a normal eating schedule (3 meals a day) and a fruit or veggie with each. Drinking a lot of water is also essential, and try to stay as active as you can be while stuck inside. Keeping consistency in your day is key! It'll help you feel like you're still a real person and not a fridge-tethered blob.

3) Make a schedule!

Continuing with our theme of consistency, making a schedule for each day can be really helpful! Whether you're working from home or attending online classes, having a list of what you need to accomplish and by when will really help keep you from getting too distracted. (I own a paper planner and I absolutely love it! It keeps me super organized and I love decorating it with stickers.)

Plus, checking things off your list is a nice endorphin boost!

4) Stay on top of chores!

Household chores are rarely anyone's favorite task. But, they're a necessary evil. The laundry and dishes are two things that pile up extremely quickly in my home, especially now that we're all home all the time. Staying on top of these duties is super crucial though because a dirty environment will be hard to stay motivated within. Making a chore chart is also a great way to ensure that everyone does their part to keep your home a quarantine sanctuary.

5) Have fun!

This is my favorite tip because it's one that I sometimes forget about when I'm busy rushing around college. But, now that I'm home with family, I have more time to relax. Building connections with others, practicing a skill, or enjoying a hobby are all great ways to spend that time. Have a family game night or Netflix party with some friends! Learn to cook a new dish or read a book that's been sitting on your list! There are so many amazing things we can all do to make time in quarantine pass a little faster.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this list and that you found some of the tips helpful! Quarantine has definitely taught me to never take things for granted, but we shouldn't waste away our time indoors either. Stay motivated and active to increase your positivity and benefit your life on the inside!




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