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Hello World!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog, Little Skylights! My name is Seana and I am from the wonderful state of New Jersey. I am currently an undergraduate at the University of Rochester and am majoring in Psychology. As of right now, I am aiming to get my PhD in Child Development. I have a passion for working with children and a lot of experience in that field. This blog, however, will be a way for me to take a break from my studies and really experience life! I am hoping to upload lots of my crafts and art projects as well as my outfits and style trials. And, since I love to travel, I'll be sure to update you about that too.

^^ me experiencing life!

I want this first post to really reflect who I am as a person, so let me tell you a little bit more about myself. I have an older sister named Caitlin who was the inspiration for me starting to blog. She also has a lovely website (https://createwithcait.com/). Fun fact: we look almost nothing alike but are indeed biological sisters!

I also have a very fluffy Jack Russel Terrier named Brownie who I'm sure will pop up at some point. I love trying new DIYs and baking new recipes so I will be posting those too. I indeed have a "passion for fashion" as some might say (my second grade teacher did call me a fashionista, after all) and will keep you updated on all of my latest outfits. Perhaps most importantly to me, however, will be my traveling posts. I've been fortunate enough to see some beautiful parts of the world and I cannot wait to go and explore even more gorgeous landscapes and captivating cultures.

Wow! My first post is coming to a close already! I am so excited to set out on this journey and share it with you. A parting note, this blog is a safe space and as a community we are respectful and supportive of each other here. So please, help me sparkle a little more positivity into the world and send some love! <3




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