• Seana Montalbano

Enjoy The Oasis

Let's talk hydration.

Drinking water is one of the most valuable steps you can take in your self-care journey. It is extremely important to keep your body in balance while you tackle all life throws at you. And, for me personally, I have found that dehydration leads to headaches and tiredness!

This is why it is so essential that we all drink enough water. And when we have the privilege of choice we should be choosing the right waters as well. I'm talking electrolytes and antioxidants here!

Now, I know what you're thinking, "what water has both of those?" But never fear! This is when I introduce you to Pricklee...

Pricklee is healthy beverage brand that produces cactus water! Yes, water that comes from cacti! How cool is that? The Pricklee company was started by a group of pharmacists who wanted to make an everyday healthy beverage for everyday people. They realized that the prickly pear, a desert superfruit, contained everything they needed to start off a recipe for one amazing beverage.

This beverage is full of electrolytes and antioxidants while also being low in sugars and calories. All of which makes it a great post-workout drink or for an afternoon pick-me-up! Pricklee believes in nourishing your body in three major ways:

  • Replenish – electrolytes without the high sugar content

  • Detox – prickly pear fruits are natural detoxifiers!

  • Recover – a great bounce back from exercise and a supply of antioxidants

Plus, the beverages come in three different flavors - mango ginger, strawberry hibiscus, and prickly pear. All of them, though, will let you "taste the oasis" as they say. If you can't decide which one would be best for you, you can get their sampler kit and try all three! Or, if you are ready to commit, you can buy any flavor in a 12-pack or even get a subscription to save some moolah!

Indecisive me got the sampler kit, of course (*it was gifted to me). And I love the flavors! The strawberry hibiscus is definitely my favorite - it reminds me of a Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade! But I'll say that the prickly pear (which I'm a little surprised I liked!) and mango ginger make the decision close! Overall, I am so happy to have gotten to try these drinks and will probably add a 12-pack to my life soon!

Let's all work towards a healthier and more hydrated future! I hope you make the choice to taste and enjoy the oasis!




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