• Seana Montalbano

College From Home

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Working from home has always been many people's dream. And yet, when forced to do so in quarantine, a lot of us find it isn't quite as we imagined.

Going to college online is definitely not ideal for me. I chose to go to the University of Rochester for many reasons, one of them being to gain some distance from my home in New Jersey. And, being forced to come back to that home so soon was, well, a reality I was resistant to face. I tried to stay on campus, originally, and even looked into staying with friends who lived in the Rochester area. I was just not ready to come home. But, I'm glad I'm here now. I've really been able to grow within my family (and start this blog!) from the experience of quarantine.

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All that aside, going to college online still isn't anywhere near what I want to be doing right now. I love going to lecture halls and taking notes, despite having to drag myself out of my dorm bed to do so. Perhaps, I didn't realize how much I liked doing these things before quarantine. Online learning is difficult. The connection to the professor doesn't feel as real. The ability to connect with other students is hindered. And, the motivation to do work is gone. I've talked to a lot of friends about this and most of us are feeling the same way. We simply don't want to be "here" - stuck with our families with nothing to do but online homework.

We miss the college experience. The studying in coffee shops. The library's endless floors. We miss our friends being just a walk away. There is no virtual equivalent to this. And that's the real issue of online learning.

Luckily, the semester is beginning to come to a close. But, how do we get through finals? How do we prepare for the potential of the fall semester being online as well? I, unfortunately, don't have the answers to these questions. But, I do know a couple things. 1) Setting a schedule and crossing off tasks does wonders for motivation, at least for me. A reward system might be a good idea too (like, I can watch the next episode of Tiger King if I read this textbook chapter!). 2) We are all in this together. FaceTime your friends, talk to your family. Just taking little breaks to reconnect with others can really help keep us from feeling gloomy.

I hope those of you taking finals can find the motivation to prepare. Good luck!




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