• Seana Montalbano

At Home Outfits

Quarantine is not excuse to dress down! Well, maybe comfy is better than not but that doesn't mean it has to be unstylish. Athleisure, right?

Sweatpants are great but, if you're looking to level up your look, joggers are the way to go. I paired my black ones with this crop top that adds a pop of color. Another fun idea would be to French tuck a t-shirt into the joggers or to fully tuck in a thin sweater.

Another at home essential is a pair of leggings. I have so many! Here I paired it with a bright cropped sweater, which is great for the colder days of spring. But, the great thing about leggings is, they go with everything!

So, throw on and tie up a graphic tee! I tend to pair my t-shirts with athletic shorts since I'm inside most of the day. But leggings are a great substitute or when it's time to make a run to the grocery store.

Alright for this next, you might call me crazy. But, yes, I put on a skirt during quarantine. I love this skirt because it's mid-length and elastic, making it super comfortable. I've also been wearing some midi and maxi dresses! It's really fun to wear these pieces even if it is just around the house. They make me feel more purposeful when going about my day.

And this last one's just for fun, but here are some of my pajamas! After all, when working from home, who needs to get dressed?

On a more serious note though, I do truly find that putting in the effort to get dressed in the morning has really improved my quarantine experience. It makes me feel more prepared to take on the day!




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