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A Mother's Day Gift Guide

With Mother's Day coming up, I wanted to give you all some suggestions of what to buy for your favorite Mom. I came up with this list with some gifts I've done in the past and some suggestions from my own Mom!

***This post will contain affiliate links, which means I make a commission when you buy from them. But, I only promote products I genuinely like, so, every time you purchase, you're getting something awesome and I can afford to keep this blog going - double win!

1) Flowers and a Card

These are the absolute essentials! They pair perfectly with any gift, or are a sweet sentiment if you're low on cash. Make sure to actually write a caring message in the card, rather than just "Happy Mother's Day." Trust me, it makes a huge difference and lets your mom know how great she really is!

2) Jewelry

A classic gift for Mother's Day is a new necklace or jewelry set. And, so many stores have Mother's Day sales, such as Macys, that the pricing shouldn't be too much of an issue. Another great place to shop is Stella & Dot. (***affiliate link) I just found out about this brand and I love the personalizations you can do for Mother's Day!

3) Wine and Chocolate

If you're of age or have siblings who are, another great gift is a bottle of wine. Whether it's Mom's favorite type or something new for her to try, it makes for a wonderful present and pairs well with a box of chocolates.

4) Gift Card to Her Favorite Store

My Mom has always been big on gift cards for Mother's Day. They're a great gift because it allows for her to do the shopping and pick something she'll love without you fretting over whether a product is her style or not.

5) Spa Day

This one is one of my favorite gifts! Be it a manicure, massage, or facial, a gift card for Mom to pamper herself is a great way to go. If again, money's tight, you could simply buy her bath or skincare products for her to use at home too!

6) Yard Work or Gardening

Helping out around the house or in the yard is such a fantastic idea for Mother's Day. It's completely free and only requires you to put in some hard work! But, it'll be so worth it to see Mom's face when she gets to relax for the day and appreciate what you've done.

7) A Special Treat

This one is similar to the wine and chocolate idea but with a little twist! I'm talking about mini cupcakes! My family has been a long time fan of the company Baked by Melissa. We've been there from her start since the owner is actually a friend of my cousins! And I can't say enough good things about this brand. Their cupcakes are adorable and DELICIOUS and would make such a great Mother's Day gift! Check them out! (***affiliate link)

I hope this post gave you some ideas for how to celebrate the best mom ever! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and subscribe to my email list (the clubhouse) for even more gift-giving tips!




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